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Prague, Czech Republic

House, Trance

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Tripmain started his DJ career in Zimbabwe, at the young age of 16. His first experiences of DJing were with his friend, and fellow DJ, DJ Stryka (who currently DJs in USA). The experiences were mainly with commercial music for small private parties. But as his passion for electronic music grew, and as he heard numerous sets from DJs like Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren, not to mention the local talent in Zimbabwe, his interests into mixing increased. And in 2002 he got the chance, as DJ Stryka and a couple of DJs in Zimbabwe took him under their wing and taught him the essentials of DJing. Tripmain took to this skill quickly and in a short period of time was allowed to play in major clubs in Zimbabwe. His primary genres were Hard/NRG Trance

In 2003, Tripmain moved to Czech Republic, and took a year off from DJing to settle down in his new surroundings, and start his studies in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. While continuing his studies, the pull of DJing was too strong to resist – he started recording sets which were then played on ETS Global (now, Storm Radio and recently (now part of, playing a newly acquired taste of Uplifting Trance. After spreading his sets he got spotted by some of his fellow students and was asked to play in Club MK, one of the students clubs in October 2004. After a very successful few months Tripmain decided to take on the main Club scene with another new acquired taste of Soulful/Funky/Latin/Progressive House. He ran into DJ Brian, and with his help broke into Defile, Joe Cafe and Celnice. Receiving great reviews and comments from the majority of the clubbers who have heard him play! In the summer of 2005, he decided to take on the club scene outside Czech Republic. He went to Thailand and targeted the best clubs there, namely Bed Supper Club and Q-Bar. After submitting a demo and playing a couple sets, they immediately booked him to play and he is invited to return in 2006. On returning to Czech Republic, he was offered 2 resident nights per month in Defile, one Funky and one Progressive, which he has named Esperanza and Esperanza Progressive. And he also currently holds a monthly booking in Celnice. He also has a regular set broadcasted on Proxoz Sessions Radio show on Tripmain’s complete list of genres which he loves to listen and spin are now Uplifting/NRG/Progressive Trance, and Soulful/Funky/Latin/Tribal/Electro/Tech/Disco/Progressive House. His motto is to innovate all the time, to introduce new sounds and new experiences to his sets. The key are the songs, and only the best and newest tunes are played by Tripmain.