High-five him twice and he'll still have a free hand to make sure the beat don't stop - Tres Manos can always be counted on to be spinning the freshest deep and chunky hous... read more
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High-five him twice and he’ll still have a free hand to make sure the beat don’t stop – Tres Manos can always be counted on to be spinning the freshest deep and chunky house in town. Crowds from Denver to Deutschland have been electrified by his three-deck dexterity and contagious charm. While a student of architecture at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Tres (Bradley Telleria) began to minor in groove design and funk engineering, cutting his teeth spinning Electo and Breakbeat at the city’s underground rave parties. His talent was noticed by the Kalisher Brothers, now proprietors of the much-respected “Club Soma” in Boulder, and he was invited to be the resident at “Freedom”. Here he learnt the ways of the Chicago House sound and got himself a reputation as one (or three, depending how you count it) of the hottest hands on the circuit, playing with three turntables and an infectious good vibe. “Freedom” ended in 1996, and Brad went on to rip it up at his legendary underground “Red” parties. Yeah, we know you weren’t there, but you’d be a lot cooler if you could say you had been. “Red” blew up and got too big for its cozy confines, moving to Club Velvet in downtown Denver, and during this time Tres hit the road and jacked it all over the US and even found time to headline a Red Bull “Red Underground” tour in the Colorado mountains.

A live mix CD, “How to Chill”, was released to rave reviews (pun intended) in 1998, on Brad’s own 15 Digit Recordings. He shared the booth with such house-hold names as King Britt, Johnny Fiasco, Mark Grant, Mark Farina, Dubtribe, Joshua (Iz), Marquez Wyatt, and Hipp-E among others. You want venues? Try Silk City and Bongo Lounge (Philly), Pure Love (Richmond, VA), Electric Company, Buggin’ Out, and Stompy’s Dig In (San Fran), Club Sol (Atlanta), Red Dog and Double Door (Chicago), Lollapalooza (NYC), Red (DC), Burning Man in Nevada, along with anyplace in Denver where fine house has ever been heard.

But in the spring of 1998, our wandering Housejacker came down from the mountains, put on his travel boots, and headed all the way to Barcelona, Spain, where he quickly entered the scene with two guns blazing and bag of 12" ammo strapped across his back. The list of places he’s played in the town by the sea reads like any self-respecting house head’s guide of where to get your dance on: The Apolo, La Terrazza, City Hall, Walden 8, Maumau, Fonfone, KGB, as well as the annual “Placton” cruise ship parties. If this boat’s undockin’, you can bet Tres Manos will keep it rockin’. With a rap sheet longer than a 50-year old gangster, if you haven’t seen him play it’s not because he hasn’t made it to your town. He’s blazed a trail across the continent and back more times than you could count on three hands, with such illustrious stops as Rachidingue (Girona), Coppelia (Madrid), ACTV and Intertechno (Valencia), Sala Estrella (Tarragona), Lasal (Mataro), Morocco (L’Escala), Jacaranda (Calella), Vega (Copenhagen), Nachtwerk Club, Werkbar, The Kitchen (Munich, Germany), Das Vegas and Sessions Cafe (Ingolstadtt, Germany), Dasda (Eichstatt, Germany), Dncng (Andorra). Tres serves up beats so chunky he’s gotta cut ‘em up for you and house so dirty you might not want to sit on the floor, though not many people have the ability to stay seated when he’s spinning anyway.

What do Kenny Hawkes, Ralph Lawson, Brett Johnson, Rasoul, Miguel Migs, Johnny Fiasco, Trip do Brasil (Russ Gabriel), Eddie Amador, DJ Sneak, Tom Middleton, DJ Rush, John Selway, Heather, Colette, Alton Miller, Schatrax, Funk ‘d Void, East Coast Boogiemen, and Nigel Hayes have in common? They’ve all spun with Brad. He’s spent a night with more famous DJ’s than a professional groupie, and even with his travels he’s still had time to open Indeep Wax, a record shop in downtown Barcelona specializing in slept-on and hard-to-find electronic cuts, run a weekly residency at packed and sweaty Macarena, a deep-house weekly, “Nuit Rouge”, and a monthly at City Hall showcasing guest DJs from all around the world. He’s also hard at work on his first forays into music production, for labels such as Aesoteric, Justified Cause, and Greenhouse, which you’ll be certain to hear on dance floors of distinction real soon.

Leaving booties shaken and crowds stirred, this beat barman mixes with a deft hand and doesn’t skimp on the hard stuff. Raise your glass and shake your ass, Tres Manos is here to make you remember what house is all about.