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Athens, United States


House of Whales, formerly known as Treehouse, is an alternative hip hop band from Chicago, IL. The band is touring across the US in celebration of their upcoming self-titled LP release. Their 2012 EP, Tell No One, received an IMA (Independent Music Award) nomination and much critical acclaim. The new album is an evolution of the band’s original sound. Through their recording process, they’ve unearthed a multi-faceted approach to hip-hop.

Emcee Rico Sisney, bassist Mike Ruby and drummer Aunnoy Badruzzaman are poised to take over in a city whose hip-hop culture has been a topic of much discussion as of late. House of Whales’ organic approach combines spoken word lyricism with various musical stylings to produce a truly unique sound. The fundamental trio features multiple artists from a variety of genres in their live shows and recordings. Experience House of Whales as they take the stage this Fall.