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Trap Or Die

San Francisco, United States

Dubstep, Trap

Almost Famous Entertainment
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TRΔP OR DIE – The Kingdom Events, Almost Famous Entertainment, BLVCK CVRD, Mafia Records

TRΔP OR DIE headed by Charlie Cartel (Jimi Yu) and Mewillionaire (Sandra Bloom) from the depth of Chicago’s Underground Scene. Formed late June 2013 after the demise of El Cartel. Focusing their new found energy into their passion which was held back all these years. The passion coursing through their veins is evident on and off the stage. Their high energy performance explodes into the crowd, creating a party scene not to be missed.

Initially, TRΔP OR DIE were strongly influenced by the trap lifestyle. Today, their performances are fulfilled by the most diversified musical hits, always complemented with trap music and adapted to each situation. What matter is not what kind of music it is, what matters is that people dance. This is what defines them, their passion for music and the interaction with people.