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Seattle, United States

Electro House, Trance

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At the age of 17, the soon-to-be DJ became inspired on the streets of France. A friend’s Kimball Collins ICU Sessions CD opened his eyes to all that trance music had to offer. Throughout the following year, he buried himself in live DJ sets from the internet, becoming a true student of the genre. While inspired by the euphoria found in Paul Van Dyk’s sets, Tranzient is primarily influenced by the Dutch style of dance music. He quickly dropped his money on a pair of decks and a mixer.

Tranzient has spent his time since the summer of 2001 perfecting his craft across Washington State with only the latest trance/hard trance sound. A master in phrasing and especially key-matching, his ability to mix leaves other highly experienced DJs in disbelief that he ever changes out the vinyl being played. His smooth mixing style and dynamic track selection serve up a deLicious mix of hard beats and edgy tunes. The Northwest will soon be entranced with DJ Tranzient’s unique style.