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Will Sides started producing music in 2003 as Sadlymad >:< with drum and bass , Glitch , and highly unearthed music. Then transforming in 2007 into Dead Ink. A more Industrial hard dance style and then , finally , in 2008 has made his way into more Electro , Dub Step , House and remixing fascinations calling himself Tranz from Transitbot. Through his ventures he has been added on these labels throughout his journey : BombBeatz Music , Tronic B7 Records , Electrico Records , Nuphonic Rythm , Royal One Records , Avioground Records , Tief Haus Recordings and now Crush Works Recordings. With his bangin beats and his relentless unique style he is sure to be a crowd pleaser for your next mix set.

Transitbot has done remixes and or worked with many mainstream and many more underground artist for info on remixing with Transitbot he can be reached at: [email protected]