Location: Miami, United States United States
Genre: House
Labels: Motormouth Recordz, Noisj


Language: English

It was the Hip Hop culture of the mid 1980’s that inspired Traffik to take to the turntables. While at school, Traffik worked summer jobs to afford to buy the much needed Technics SL1210 decks and DMC mixer. Taking inspIration from DJs such as Cashmoney and Jazzy Jeff, Traffik taught himself the art of cutting and scratching and became involved with local rappers jamming at house parties and early warehouse gigs. Around 1989 the acid house scene was in full swing and Traffik began to take an interest in the music and started buying the records. By 1991 Traffik had moved away from the Hip Hop scene and was DJing techno and breakbeat at various underground parties around London and the South East of England. In 1993 Traffik became involved with one of London’s largest pirate radio stations, Energy FM, and was one of a small group of London’s first underground radio DJs to play hardcore acid, industrial techno and gabber on his regular Saturday night show. Following this, Traffik took his musical talents to the studio and began working on producing tracks. His first release was the track “Under Attack” on Outcast Clan Records in 1995. Shortly after this came his release on Crapshoot Records which gained him international recognition and in 1995 travelled to Austria to perform his first DJ set outside of the UK. Since then Traffik has performed in Canada, the United States, Europe and all over the UK. He has released his productions on labels such as Epiteth, Born To Kill, Epileptik, Rebel Scum, Corrupt, Social Parasite and Statik and has licensed tracks to UWe, Psychic Genocide, ID&T, Nordcore, SoundBase and many others.



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