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Tr1 Pp

Miami, United States

Drum & Bass

BasS Records
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TRiPP spin’s a variety of Drum and Bass, Breaks, Electro, and House.

Including all sub-genres such as :

Jump up, Jungle, Tech step, Drum step, Liquid, Tribal, Minimal, Tech house, Booty Bass, Electro breaks, Fidget, (some) NuSkool, Hip-hop, etc.

Bio: Hailing from Hollywood FL, Stephanie Smeriglio A.K.A DJ TRiPP has established herself in the underground club scene as a DJ with a stupendous list of filthy floor banging tracks! Since her first show, her sets have been destroying dance floors all over the planet along side of some of the biggest and most influential artists in the scene such as: Princess Superstar, Baby Anne, Jade, Evol Intent, Dara, A Sides, Optiv, Hydraulix, Kryteria, Cato K, Juan Basshead, Vitamin E, Cyberoptix, Heavygrinder, and many more. Aside from DJ’ing events, she’s also assisted in coordinating events such as: Barely Legal, Defiance Music Festival (sponsored by Pepsi and 93 Rock) and The Underground. Through marketing, street teaming, and online promotion; she helps manage events for different production companies as well. Stephanie promotes herself where ever she may roam, so she can personally interact with the people to let them know what she does and who she is. Her reputation as TRiPP is and has been growing as a promoter for events since 2004 . But through some friends who were already DJing, and her own little house parties, she’s now become a well known female DJ traveling the world and pushing her filthy sound as far as she can get!!! No Matter what, she makes sure to wow the crowd with outstanding performances that will keep every one on their feet till the very end. Her “special performances” take the audiences breath away – sometimes including sexy dancers, MC’s, or even The Bass Addict, scratchin it up on the records while she kills it in the mix! She makes sure to always keep the crowd hyped. TRiPP is now signed with Bass Records and is also the founding force behind the new and up and coming label Drum & Bass Records – in which she continues to work her hardest to be seen, heard, and known the world wide – her debut release out soon!! From humble beginnings in the scene, her influence to become a DJ came from the support of all her friends and for the love of great music. If it wasn’t for friends, family, and the local DJ’s in the scene assisting her in her accomplishments, she wouldn’t be where she is now. Now TRiPP has been working hard in the studio in an effort to get her debut release ready before this coming year and will focus more on her producing which will push her music career to the next level. Her main goal has always been to make the crowds go wild and beg for more. She will undoubtedly make a name for herself in this music industry as a hard working female artist with a one of a kind style and music selection 2nd to none!!

(TRiPP also plays other genres/sub genres to fit the desired crowd.)


If you would like to book TRiPP at your next event,

Please call her booking agent Walt B. Gaudino at 305-305-0319. And/or please feel free to visit the “Contact” page and send an email with all the event information and details included.

You can find some mixes/demos at:

Contract is REQUIRED. When you book Stephanie for your event, we will send you a contract – nonnegotiable. If things don’t work out accordingly, it is expected you follow the guidelines provided in the contract and be notified no less than 7 business days from the day of the event. NO FUNNY BUSINESS! In light of recent contractual obligations not being met all engagements will require a contract.

:) _ <3 .::TRiPP::. :) _ <3 .::TRiPP::. :) _ <3


I enjoy modeling things related to:

Fetish, Gore, Horror, Pin Up, Body Paint, SUPER COLORFUL, Music, and More..

About Me:

I have been modeling professionally and free lance for the past 5 years. I began modeling when I was 13 for John Casablancas modeling agency, and even took classes for a year to learn runway, etiquette, t.v, and other forms of modeling. However, my interest wasn’t so much in the “marketable” type of modeling such as glamour and fashion – it was blooming more towards the darker side. From that point on, I began doing free lance modeling – working with various photographers (which I have listed in my credits below) and continue to try and expand my portfolio to as many different genres of photography and modeling that I can, in order to possibly build a better name for myself and hopefully get recognized in the scene for fetish and alt modeling. I am always open to new ideas and like to model just about anything (except nudes – but implied nudes are okay)! I am looking to build my portfolio and meet some new photographers/models/etc. so I can get some pointers, hard critiquing, and of course some breath taking pictures for my portfolio. I currently am living in Hollywood Florida and am part time in college, so I am free just about any day.

Please feel free to contact me via text/call about any shoots, ideas, or questions you may have

754-273-0381 (my cell)

or email me at [email protected]


Ryan Michaels Photoraphy

Owen Nunez Photography

Javier Mendoza – ImHarsT Photography

Gisela Andres Photography

John Gunman Photography

Flash Photography

Tech Your Picture

Pedro Rivera – Skyp3r

Lex Q. Media

Jessie Melero

Rich Photography

Wicked Photography

Jean Vega Photography



Release Date: 2004

Bass (beys) noun

1. Immense waves of air moving through a crowd like a tsunami devastating everyone in its path.

2. Frequencies of 60Hz and below.


Bass Records is an independent Hip Hop, Electro, and Break-beat label started in 2004 for the soul purpose of creating devastating beats for those that crave a sound like no other. Only a true Bass addict can appreciate the thickness of a fully analog sound. In the last few years there has been an explosion of Nu Skool music that no doubt has pushed the envelope of what Bass can sound like. While many have chosen to explore and produce this new sound, there is none the less a loyal following of music lovers that fiend for that one of a kind ..808 Bass… Needing an outlet for this addiction, BasS Records was born. BasS Records is composed of a team of producers from the south east that are all dedicated to one thing…..Devastating dance floors across the globe.

Here are different online sites available for you to listen or purchase some of our tracks and mixes, and some of our featured Artists.


The Bass Addict







J Strong



Made from Scratch Monday’s w/ DJ Skinner & Ran D – 10pm-12am

Our website is currently under construction..

If you would like to contact us for bookings or any other information regarding the label, feel free to send us an email on our facebook or email below:



[email protected]