Toton Beatport


Born on 1977 in Prishtina (Kosovo) as Driton Pllana.

Had his first musical encounter in 1986 at BOOM Rock festival held in Prishtina where he realized the power of music.

Brought up in a circle of musicians (his sister a professional piano player, father violinist and conductor) Toton decided to pick up an instrument; piano and acoustic guitar where about to become his passion but the invention of Commodore 64, video games, arcades and other gadgets prevailed the interest in musical instruments. He got into Rock music, heavy metal and punk. Later on growing up to industrial sounds of Laibach, The Swans, Front 242 and alike Toton decided that this was the direction he was interested on. The early 90’s rave and acid mixed with industrial hard core punk such Agnostic Front or Pitch shifter troubled Toton in such way that he decided to trouble himself into studying sound engineering . While studying in London in the late 97-99 Toton somehow found himself liking the music he used to dislike (house music and its underground genres such as tech house, minimal etc).

Toton has been DJ-ing for about seven years now, most preferred genre being the new wave of minimal,tech house with a trancy side and from time to time likes to throw in a progressive track.

Toton is very busy in his studio producing tracks, has two releases so far on Laus records (Right Information-Undersound remix) and on Pornophonic records (4 track EP) pornophonic 001-Juno Records many other unreleased tracks get played by top world dj’s.

Toton is currently working on putting up a band together from a wide range of music influences, Dead can Dance meets Primal Scream meets Modern tech House. Toton is also working on his live set to be included in his DJ set.

He played with Dave Mothersole, Terry Francis, Haris, Pascal F.E.O.S , Eddie Richards,justin Drake (Peace division), Gabriel Le Mar, Steve Dragon to name but few.

Played in: Spray club(weekly residency)-Prishtina,Eel Vibe club – Prishtina, Tanzhaus west cantine Frankfurt, Lazzareti club -Dubrovnik, Mjaft Festival (resident)-Albania, Danza club-Tirana, Jelisavetin bastion (music link project) Novi sad, and tons of other parties.

He is also working on post productions and theatre projects and currently playing as a resident DJ and sound engineer in Spray Club in Prishtina /spray-