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Düsseldorf, Germany

Hardcore / Hard Techno, Techno

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Totocat the German Technocat!

Totocat has got at the age of 18 years his first Bookings in the Club Cafe Europa in Bielefeld and the Club Kick in Herford.

He got his fire baptism years later by other Bookings in the old Factory in Kassel to the Stammheim Closing and Totocat drew inspiration musically anew and his Techno sound became harder.

In 2007 after an artist’s break looked Totocat around the management of the Internetcommunity Tekk.TV and set up his first own radio transmissions.

Also he appeared at this time also as a Co-Organizer and DJ of own Techno parties in the club Lighthouse in Essen.

In 2008 the first broadcasting Techno Factory via video and audio Stream on the known Internet radio station was emitted by Totocat.

Totocat is one of the first artists in the Ruhr Area with his show became known and he has invited once a month known Acts from the Techno Scene and Newcomer Artists.

It didn’t last long and it became the Events Techno Factory in Dusseldorf organised to revive the Underground Techno Scene.

There artists like Tom Hades and Perc had your first Bookings in the Ruhr Area.

Till this day many known Artists on this Underground party were staying.

To the Festival Ruhr in Love in Oberhausen 2011 has the Techno Factory with the Internet Radio Station a Stage in Cooperation with the Bookingagentur 2 Shoot Records and the Label of Tom Hades Rhythm Converted from Belgium presented.

Artists like Alex Bau,Brian Sanhaji,Tom Hades have shown and more there that the Underground Techno is there again.

Totocat has hung up in the known clubs in the Ruhr Area and more and more want his Underground Techno Sound and he was booked by Clubs like the Kiezinternat in Hamburg.

Since 2011 Totocat is Resident DJ in the Absoluter Club in Dortmund.

Meanwhile the project Techno Factory has also become adult and works together in 2012 with the B Parade in Berlin to present there known Artists from Germany and some Countries.

After the Summer Trip to Kazantip in Portugal Totocat will present the Techno Factory with Tracks and DJ Sets of known Artists after the Summer Break once a month on a known Radio Station.

Moreover,Totocat will begin to producing and for 2013 the Techno Factory Label is planned and it becomes exciting absolutely what for Projects of the Techno Factory Project Totocat are still to be expected.

Who books Totocat, those expects an overdose Techno and he is known for his tension-loaded Sets!!!



Cafe Europa/Bielefeld | Kick/Herford | Dockland/Münster |

Stammheim/Kassel | Loveparade 2003/Berlin | Achter Mai/Chemnitz | Lighthouse/Essen | Deichrocker Open Air/Bremen | Meilenstein/Krefeld | Roccadero/Krefeld | Kultopia/Hagen | Che Guebara/Leverkusen | Parkhouse/Düsseldorf | beta.02/Düsseldorf | Koyote Music Support/Düsseldorf | Hallejulia/Tönisvorst |38 Grad/Mönchengladbach | Raum 35/Siegburg | Kontrovers Club/Gelsenkirchen | Absolut Club/Dortmund |Ruhr in Love 2011/Oberhausen | Favela Münster | Kiezinternat Hamburg | Mitternacht Krefeld | Aratta Moers |


Tekk.TV Webradio | Freies Radio Kassel | Bunker.TV Webradio| |

Playing with Artists:

Carlos del Moral/Noah Inc.Records/Bonn

Nathalie de Borah/NdB Musique/Essen

Massimo/Definition of Techno/Düsseldorf

Andy Korrigan/Sound of Poison/Düsseldorf

Swen Hutmacher/Magma Music/Düsseldorf

Simon Alves/Technobooking/Essen

Roland Casper/JR Music/Köln

Daniel Sampaa/Tribehouse/Düsseldorf


Thomas Wangorsch/Definition of Techno/Düsseldorf

Sven Nox/Rheingold/Düsseldorf

Heinrich Matt/Revel Records/Düsseldorf

Seemann/Tor 3/Düsseldorf

Sancho&Pancho/We like it/Möchengladbach

Anthony Castaldo/Italo Business/Italy

Dubtune&Fabian S./Hallejulia/Tönisvorst

DJ Vipes/Rheinpiraten/Düsseldorf

Frau Anke/üsseldorf

Dirty Cassy/Absoluter Club/Düsseldorf

Chris Kraus/Gleichlauf/Köln


Afrika Islam/Loveparade/USA


Tom Kah/Unbeatable/Mönchengladbach

Shorty Sten/Bunker TV/Duisburg

Thomas Frowein/Gruppendynamik/Wuppertal

Large Ear/Minimal House Park/Düsseldorf

Jens Müller/Ambulance Club/Köln

Shawn Baits/B-Side/Düsseldorf

Brixton/Acid Wars/Düsseldorf

Marlene Magnoli/Ruhr in Love 2010/Düsseldorf

Tom Hades/Rhythm Converted/Belgien

Frank Kusserow/Gigolo Records/Frankfurt

Rob Strobe/Kiddaz FM/Frankfurt

Sorgenkint/Acid Wars/Düsseldorf

Jackie Elles/Rheingold/Düsseldorf

Arcarde Robot/Düsseldorf


Brian Sanhaji/CLR/Frankfurt

Alex Bau/CLR/München

…….and more unkown Artists which Name I forget……..!!!!

Free Download Set from Totocat on Soundcloud: