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Total Eclipse

AKA: X Ecutioners

Avatar Records, Dacru Records, Mandala Records
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Total Eclipse got his 1st set of turntables in ’91 at the age of 14, and “learned how to cut by watching Scratch, from EPMD cut on their videos on Video Music Box.” He was also influenced by Barry B, an older DJ from the neighborhood who showed him cuts and tricks.

In November ‘94 Total Eclipse entered his first DJ battle live on the air on DJ Mayhem’s college radio show on WNYU in New York City; he got first place and caught the attention of Rob Swift. Rob and Eclipse started to practice together, and Rob taught Eclipse the history of Battling and showed him how to beat juggle. “He showed me stuff that I never thought was possible – he showed me a tape of the ’90 New Music Seminar Battle between Steve D (a founding member of the X-men) and Francesca (from Italy) – it was the 1st time I saw 2 totally different and raw styles going against each other like that”. Through Rob, he became friendly with the other members of The X-men crew and started practicing with them.

These influences inspired him to take it to a new level – and it showed in ensuing battles; in March 1996, Eclipse entered the Beat Street Records DJ Battle where he took first place and received a gold bronzed Technic 1200 turntable. He entered several more battles around New York that year culminating in the International Turntables Federation Battle (ITF), where he went up against the best national and international competition. Eclipse rose to the challenge and placed first. He was shortly thereafter, inducted into the X-Men.

In June of 1997, The X-ecutioners recorded their debut album “X-pressions” for Asphodel Records. One of Eclipse’s many standout moment includes his work on the track called “Turntable Exhibition” a self produced cut that displays the essence of true turntablism with Eclipse using only his two Technic 1200’s and his Vestax 05PRO mixer to create a sonic collage. The X-ecutioners have since signed a recording deal with Loud Records – the debut “Built From Scratch” will be released this fall.

Total Eclipse recorded cuts on “Equinox” for Organized Konfusion on Priority Records. This created a special bond between the group and Eclipse. Organized Konfusion’s rhymes complimented Total Eclipse’s cutting skills at such an advanced level that Organized Konfusion became his favorite rap group. He then went on to do cuts and tour with Pharoah Monch which culminated in his first TV performance on BETÕs Live in LA, which was shortly followed by a solo appearance by Total Eclipse on The Queen Latifah show where he battled a fellow New York turntablist and took live studio audience audience by storm.

Total Eclipse plans to continue his work with The X-ecutioners, as well as work on his solo album to be released on Tableturns.