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Mikey’s love affair with Electronic/Dance Music (EDM) began in 1994. After hearing Much Music’s Dance Mix 94 and Enigma’s Return to Innocence track, he was hooked! Much Music had a television show named Electric Circus, a virtual club that featured 1-2 Dj’s from around the globe every week, which further exposed him to the EDM sound. Although EDM tracks were hard to come across in Hanmer, Ontario, toshiRo purchased everything he could get his hands on – even at the tender age of 12, he knew this style of music had a lot potential!

In 1995, Mike was introduced to a plethora of “new” Electronic Music, thanks to the film Hackers. The soundtrack featured artists like Prodigy, Underworld, Carl Cox, and Orbital. Those artists and that ?new? sound served as a massive inspiration to him, an inspiration that carries on to this day. As a matter of fact, he listens to ?’Music for the Jilted Generation? on a regular basis, 12 years later!

Just when he thought it could not possibly get any better, in 1999 he heard the sweet trance sounds of ATB’s Movin’ Melodies, a cd his friend bought in Poland. While he loves most EDM sub-genres, his true addiction lies within Trance. He has since introduced Trance to many people, including Dj XeLius and Dj Trancequility, both friends of his.

In 2004, Dj XeLius gave Mike a lot of excellent advice, insider tips and the confidence to begin mixing the music he is so passionate about. It was then that DJ Mike Toshiro was born! In November he finished his first mix and between solo work, collaborations and radio, Toshiro has completed over thirty mixes.

In June of 2005, Toshiro began collaborating with dj toRn on several different projects. Perhaps the best known of these projects is the Waves of Passion series, which produced seven mixes. After much success, both toRn and Toshiro decided to create a website. This site would be dedicated to their shared love of Trance and would showcase their collaborations, solo mixes and the work of other select DJs. In August of 2005, Tranceverse became a reality. Tranceverse is continually growing and to date has over fourteen hundred members and more than one hundred mixes from nine talented resident DJs, all in just a little over a year!

Mike Toshiro’s mission? To spread the gospel of Trance!