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Tosca is the joint musical project of Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber from Vienna, Austria. Their output – including albums like „Opera“ (1996), „Suzuki“ (1999), „Dehli 9“ (2002) and No Hassle (2010) are considered milestones of the downtempo genre. Many tracks from Tosca have been released on countless compilations. Singles lsuch as „Fuck Dub“ and „Chocolate Elvis“ have been remixed by Boozoo Bajou, Fila Brazilia, Uptight, Fauna Flash and many more. The singles and their remixes were also released as entire remix albums („Fuck Dub Remixed“, „Suzuki In Dub“, „Chocolate Elvis Mixes“, „Honey Remixed“).

The project Tosca started 1994 while Richard Dorfmeister, then with his partner Peter Kruder collaborating as Kruder & Dorfmeister, was enjoying a rocketing career as DJ and A-List remixer. The name Tosca was soon chosen for the solo project from one half of „K&D,“ but from the very start it was the joint project of Richard Dorfmeister and the pianist Rupert Huber, who studied at the Viennese institute for electro acoustic compostion. Dorfmeister and Huber have known each other since their teenage years, attending the same school and playing in a band named „Dehli 9.“ The band was the laboratory in which Dorfmeister and Huber began their first musical steps and where they discovered the magic of electronic musical production. With Dehli 9, Richard Dorfmeister played guitar, flute and keyboards while Rupert Hubert played keyboards and a Turkish string instrument. During the production of their first Tosca release, their teenage music experience soon became fruitful. While their first singles „Fuck Dub“ and „Chocolate Elvis“ as well as their debut album „Opera“ were mainly composed with a sampler as the main instrument, Dorfmeister and Huber returned to live instruments for their following albums. Vocalists on their releases include Earl Zinger, MC Sugar B, MC Tweed, Anna Clementi, the Austrian singer legend Graf Hadik and others.

The musical trademark of Tosca is a cheerful laid-back feel that emanate a warm, and occasionally melancholic atmosphere. The music of Tosca is played in clubs and living rooms, boutiques and winerys alike. A feat that only few musicians succeed in.