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toRn started listening to trance back in ‘95. Always being a fan of EDM, not knowing where to go to find it. She really didn’t get introduced to it by anyone, but always said it was something that found her.

Living in the sticks in the south isn’t the best location to find or even listen to Trance. When people ask toRn what her favorite type of music is and she says Trance, they kinda give her that “deer in the headlights” look. toRn still gets it until she says something like “Yanno, the music in that movie, Night at the Roxbury”. Ok, It is a bad example to use, but at least they can kinda get an idea.

Trance has always been a big part in toRn’s life. It has brought her through rough times and there are a lot of good memories that can be tied to it. Trance has always been something she can turn to when she is having a bad day or if she just wants to chill out.