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Top Billin

Helsinki, Finland

Electro House, Techno

Mad Decent, Top Billin
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Fifteen thousand screaming fans, speakers banging loud as thunder, fireworks and pyrotechnics flying in the air like it’s new year’s eve. Four dudes in tight leather pants, stroking power chords from stratocasters and blasting double bass drums… Oh wait, that was Van Halen at the San Diego Sports Arena in 1981. Never mind that…

But Top Billin are equally hot. In fact – the DJ collective consisting of guys named Sir Nenis, Fiskars and Flipperi, Anonymous, J-Laini & Tane Lee, Top Billin is the closest thing to club phenomenon ever to come from Finland. Ask anybody. While others talk the talk, they walk the damn walk.

In 2006 Top Billin made themselves a household name in Helsinki with bootleg remixes, hot mixtapes and a monthly club night that was packed every single time from the beginning. Then came the first 12” ep and after that nothing was the same. That record became the number one selling item at, and favored by club dj’s and party music lovers around the world.

The now classic first ep has later followed with more top selling EP’s and a split 12” with another hot finnish label, New Judas. Beside running the record label, Top Billin has become a well oiled party machine, rocking shows around the globe from Paris to Berlin and Moscow to New York, with the likes of Justice, Sany Pitbull, Feadz and countless other club favorites. In 2008 they even made their first big tour supporting M.I.A. in Canada Their hometown club night in Helsinki has hosted international guests like Scottie B, DJ Sega, DJ Ayres, Tittsworth, Cosmo Baker, Paul Devro and many others.

The key to Top Billin’s success is not rocket science. They are just six guys who love music and like to have good time. All the time. While they’re very serious about their music, Top Billin are definitely no genre-stuck. With their roots deep in house, hip hop, dancehall, boogie and even rock, Top Billin likes to keep their music up-to-date and cutting-edge, both in the shows they play and the records they put out. That’s why you can pretty much count on the latest Top Billin release to always provide you with fresh sounding party breaks, remixes and /or original productions, anything that they feel like at the time being.

Beside being club goers favorites, Top Billin have made fans among big name dj’s like Sinden, Tittsworth, DJ Funk, Scottie B, Diplo, The Rub DJ’s, Trouble & Bass, Laidback Luke and countless more. They’ve done remixes for artists and labels like Unruly, Trouble & Bass and Stretch Armstrong’s Plant Music. Beside their own label, Top Billin has also produced tracks for T&A Records’ releases.

If you like your club music energetic, loud and nasty and you haven’t checked out Top Billin yet – get on with the friggin’ program already. Or, as R. Kelly puts it, “Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce.”

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