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Toots Rootscore

Geneva, Switzerland

Funk / R&B, Hip-Hop

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Born on March 14th 1988, DJ Toots begins the drums at the age of 12 years old. After five years in the music academy of Geneva, he accomplished three years of drums independently and began his career as a DJ around the end of the summer 2005. Very fast at ease with turntables, he develops his own talent for “scratch” and begins his musical path in the university stage of “Arcade 46”. Right from the start, the crowd fell under the charm of the young DJ, who decided to leave his marks in this field. The people he met and the collaborations he did with other artists in Geneva’s hip-hop scene pushed him in front of the projectors and led him to Berlin in August 2007, where he registered PUPPETMASTAZ’s first album live medley. He realizes as well a few scratched which they still use as of today in their concerts around Europe. In parallel of his activity as a DJ, he rapidly began the elaboration of a CD compilation called “Nourriture Spirituelle”, which has been produced with his colleague and friend Josselin Neeser, better known under the name of Jo2plainp (ELOGE RECORDS). This CD compilation talks about the violence tendency that hip-hop movement took these last few years. DJ Toots supports a critical vision and aim to think of it differently. What gives a unique character to each of the 16th titles in the compilation is not only its original theme, but the collaboration between many Swiss and French groups of the underground scene. This CD is in the marker since June 2008. As of today, DJ Toots has a bachelor in law studies and pursues his ambitions producing himself many times in various clubs of New York, Spain, with Kin Powah Sound, in China & H.K. with Uprooted Sunshine, as much as in the french part of Switzerland (c.f. p.2). In 2010, DJ Toots has been finishing a record session with Rootscore for various albums in collaboration with known artists of the French and American scene, while continuing to promote his mixtapes, riddims and other compilations (CD and mp3 format). He is now aiming for future projects in the clubbing scene and live sessions, including with the group Inglourious Bastardz (, Le S’1DROM from Geneva (and Rootscore) ( and, L’1Solence ( and the MC’s Muchach ( and Jo2plainp (check on facebook), for which he is the official DJ.