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Antonio J Gomez Z, known as Toño Gomezz is a DJ & Producer born in Monteria, Colombia, with a great musical influence from an early age since his maternal family are mostly great musicians.

From an early age, he is very influenced by the sounds of the 80s with musical styles such as “freestyle” and “hight Energy”, listening to music from American radio stations like Power 96 and Djs like Lázaro Méndez, who came to him through friends of Her brother who traveled constantly to Miami.

He was always the owner of the parties at home, he arrived and he always owned the sound equipment and only in the middle of 1990 he started his career as a professional in one of the biggest clubs in his city, from there he has always stood out in the best clubs achieving recognition and good acceptance being called by all simply as DJ TOÑO.

He also had a good step on the radio in 1992 he started as an apprentice in a radio station called MALECOM STEREO staying there as supernumerary and then it was sold and changed its name to RADIO TIME, happened to be its director leaving it very well Positioned until the year of 1995 that left there following his career as a DJ.

In the year of 1998 he buys his first PC and begins to explore the world of music production very timidly creating some remixes of seasonal hits which he shared with his colleagues being played in dozens of Clubs throughout Colombia and radio stations with great success. For the year 2005 he gets more fully into the production of electronic music without getting much attention in this genre that is passionate and only until 2012 gets to publish his first single “LETHAL LOVE” under the label Hard Disko Records, that The same year he also published his first EP called SPLASH MONEY with the label Technical Deejays Records. So he continues his list of tracks

Loving You, Mi Colombia, Deejay Ready, Backelite, Anyone Can Be A Hero, among many others, published by several labels worldwide including: Bedroom Muzik, RH2, Re: live Audio, Gozzu Music, Technical Deejays.Hard Disko Records , Senssual Records, Groove Records Music, Bacchus Records, Nothing But, SMR Underground.

In 2013 he founded his own label called GOZZU MUSIC, which is an abbreviation of his surnames Gomez Zumaque, thus supporting several local producers without much opportunity and trying to show fresh sounds and trying to break through the hard road of music.