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Tony Vallini started DJing at a young age. When he was 16, in 1995, he won a DJ contest and earned first place in consolle. Always being keen on experimenting, to date Tony has played in many Italian clubs together with James Holden, Ben Sims, Cristian Varela, Pig & Dan, Benny Benassi, Claudio Coccoluto, Francesco Farfa.

Producer since 2007, his tracks have been released on InMinimax Records, 303 Lovers, Prosthetic Pressings and have been reconized and played by Len Faki, DJ Spartaque, Chris Fortier, Umek, Matt Darey. Tony has also made the Beatport’s(the world reference for club music) Top Ten list several times.

In 2008, Tony and his friend Nicola started the project OffLabel to exclude any definition of music, uniting the DJ set and videoprojection.

From year 2011 tony’s sound leave the by now obsolete techno scene for pass to the more worked Trance sound, the trip, and by the pseudonym “OffLabel” it landings on the Psyco Trance Scene.

In his DJ set, often with 3 turntables, we can hear Psy Trance, with melodies and tribal contamination, it emanates pure energy and wellness; a mental and psychostimulant sound that it becomes the only one in it’s style!

On stage with Nicola(OffVisual), Tony Vallini and OffVisual provide a DJ set together with a “movie” that is created on the spot. A very involving show with a very powerful music vibration. Try it to believe it!

Tony often says, “I am driven by a desire to share music and don’t worry, until you are here, I will be here with you playing Music………..Let’s Go!!!