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Bron in 1973 in the outskirts of Oporto, Tony S was young when music became his passion. In the early 80`s he helped his father put together sound systems for local parties. In 1986, when he first went to a club he had a dream of becoming a dj later that year he organized his first party in his neighbour’s garage and bought his first sound system. As the years passed Tony S started playing at different friend’s parties until he was invited to dj at a club in the early 90’s with taste in music influenced by 80’s electronic music, Tony s stood out in the nightlife of the city of Oporto.

In the early 90’s he was one of the firs to play afterhours at the `Invicta Club’ which is situated in Rua da Madeira nex to SAO BENTO train station in Oporto, After this club closed down, he moved onto a bar which was named ‘Cenario’. The afterhours at this bar is still missed and remembered by many djs and client who went there, some well-known in our society.

It was in the year 1995 when Tony S became a freelancer and it was this year when he met Jack Malipan and together they formed the ONB Productions which later became known as ‘MASTERPLAN AGENCY’ Tony S has also been known as ‘Eclips’ and ‘NiHo’. He started traveling around Portugal and has played in many clubs an and discotheque such as Locomia(the Algarve), Rocks (Oporto), Pacha (Ofir), Scotch (Coimbra), Estacao da Luz (Aveiro), Zip Club (the Algarve), Kiss (the Algarve), Black Jack (the Algarve), Meia Cave (Oporto), and many more alongside top international djs.

At the moment Tony S has just released his first musical track called " For Better World"….