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Dj Tony P is one of the worlds most unique djs. One taste of his music will leave you enchanted and craving for more. It will take you on a mind-boggling journey of adventure, mystery, love, emotional pain, childhood memories and countless more.

Tony P’s background is as varied and fascinating as his music. Born with an astonishing gift for music, he went on to earn a Master’s degree in composition and ballet. Remarkably, he plays nearly every instrument imaginable.

Tony P’s masterful grasp of music is due in large part to having spent twenty years of his life in Russia composing classical music. He also taught a special ballet program that combined the song and dance elements of a Broadway production. After moving to the US, he spent about another five years composing and teaching, until one day by chance, he discovered the fascination of trance music, and from that point on, nothing was the same.

Even though he enjoyed what he did, he developed an immeasurable obsession for trance. After visiting a few clubs and composing his own trance music, he realized that he had found his destiny, and determined to become a dj.

Tony P’s career has rapidly elevated like a thermometer in a scorching oven. He has played in almost every after-hour club in LA, like Naked, Ministry, Palace, Orion, Escape, and Garage. Tony P has also had the opportunity to meet and spin with top ten dj’s of the world, like Judge Jules, Irene, Darude, Christopher Lauren and more. He has also played in New York, and has recently been invited to spin in China, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The fact that all these achievements took only two years to accomplish, it is all the more impressive. But that is only the beginning. Tony P’s accomplishments and unprecedented career success stand as a testament to his creativity and talent, and is a foretaste of what is to come.