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We all know how some DJ's can be the biggest "BS ers" on planet Earth, Well Tony DiAngelo is not one of them. We are not going to write how he's the most recognizable DJ in... read more
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We all know how some DJ’s can be the biggest “BS ers” on planet Earth, Well Tony DiAngelo is not one of them. We are not going to write how he’s the most recognizable DJ in Denver, or he’s some kind of international talent, world renown in the top ranks of world class DJ’s blah blah blah BS BS BS. What we do know of Tony DiAngelo is that he is one of the most humble DJ’s on planet Earth, with a huge heart to help people in the industry. He has his studio to make music and his weekly internet Radio Show on We Dance As One called Elegance, and takes bookings on occasion. That pretty much sums it up. We are not going to try and nail down all the accomplishments of Tony DiAngelo as a DJ over the past 32 years. He has been a DJ since 1978, mostly in Denver Colorado. He thoroughly enjoys being a DJ and an “On Air” personality. He is often called “old man” and is referred to as the Grandfather of the underground scene in Colorado. Tony has paved more roads, trained more DJ’s, given more DJ’s their first residency, booked more unknown talent, and helped more producers than anybody can claim. He has also been taken advantage of, used, unnecessarily “screwed” over, and has taken more abuse than any DJ can claim yet he still has the heart to continue to help people. Tony is a true underground DJ who practices a free-form style of music programming in his sets that encompass all genres of the underground, which tells the full underground musical story in his sets and not just part of the story. His passion and love for the true underground family is strong. His fight to preserve and restore the true underground is tiresome and endless. His message of restoration and reunification is loud and clear. Tony has always stayed true to his underground roots and has never sold out to the mainstream or took a job in a mainstream club to “pay the bills” He remains a trend setting DJ playing new and progressive music that no on else is playing keeping his crowds on the edge with his diversity in music. His Elegance show, listened to in 172 countries around the world, continues to feature tracks from up and coming producers, as well as well known producers. His next project is the execution and initiation of the “Bridges Across the Oceans Tour”, which is slated for 2012 production. This tour is a world wide talent search for talented DJ’s struggling to break into the industry. Staying true to Tony’s giving heart, the tour is associated with a grant program for DJ’s only; from the DiAngelo Family Foundation. No other DJ on this planet is doing something like this, this is massive, this is going to be epic.


Tony Di Angelo