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Tony Dark Eyes

Mexico, Mexico


Bearlin Records
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Mexican DJ and producer whom at his 24 years of age and thanks to the votes of thousands of radio listeners, has placed his hot single “White Castles” in the top spot of Mexicos hottest dance music radio station´s top 10 chart, as well as in all the dancefloors . Tony started his career as a DJ at age 18, scoring his first important residency at 20, evolving always among the best and sexiest club sounds.

He is nowadays considered one of the hottest talents among the new faces in the dance music scene and a popular icon among teenagers in Mexico, thanks to his taste in music and his fresh and unique image and style that has been gathering lots of followers.

Tony has found a performing identity by establishing every time an special connection with his public and demonstrating his versatility on each and every DJ set, and travelling more and more through his country and experiencing his first international gigs, he continues to shape the ever growing quality in his work.

When performing, Tony always chooses tracks with powerful beats and sexy vocals, leading the crowd into a state of total ecstasy. Always worried about being top notch, he reaccomodates his set and offers new sounds when others just simply go with the flow as flat out copy cats.

On late 2009, Tony presented live on an exclusive interview his new singles, in which he shows his unique style. Since then, top producers in Mexico and around the world have been requesting collaborations and offering deals, not to mention the huge support of the clubbers, who consider Tony Dark Eyes a rising star.