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Tony Awake

Tallinn, Estonia

Breaks, House

D-Lab records, Future Shock Records, Kawa Music
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Anton Gorlanov (Tony Awake)

‘There is nothing more beautiful, comprehensible and amazing than music in this world. It has enough energy to controlt our feelings, emotions and build our soul.’ (Tony Awake)

Tony Awake was born in Tallinn on the 2nd of August, 1985. He has been interested in electronic music since his childhood. This kind of music was respectable among other kinds of music at that time. A lot of thing changed in 1998; there appeared an opportunity to write music and believe that someday you would be experienced and able to share your emotions with other people through music. Nowadays Tony writes the music of all possible styles and succeeds in combining sound and quality and therefore creating something new again and again. “I haven’t been able to give preference for any certain style of music so far, for there is a sense in every music, one has only to use it properly’. His inspirers are such artists as BT (Brian Wayne Transeau). He believes that BT is one of those artists that can rightly, beautifully and sophisticatedly convey all emotions and show us how it is important to have a musical education, not to be obsessed with anything, be yourself and respect the concept of music. Some other artists and groups also played an important role in his life, for instance: Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, ATB, Junkie Xl, Crystal Method, and some other rock and punk artists. One can hear the merging of alternative in his tracks. Tony Awake is famous for his works, such as ‘Flashback’ (Trance), “Inside of Air (Proggressive trance)”, “Stay Awake” (Banging Prog house), Before Thunder (Chill out instrumental) "Deep Soul (Soulful House) ", Ithaka Maria – A little wicked (Tony awake remix), (Pop Breaks). His tracks are supported and played by many famous Russian and foreign producers, such as DJ FEEL (, Kuffdam (, Paolo Insomnia, (, Dynamic Emotion (, Suzy Solar, Flavio Grifo, and so on.

Tony makes remixes for different artists as well.

He wrote many remixes for Estonian pop singer Ithaka Maria. One of them was in the Top 20 on the Power Hit Fm radio, where it is fifficult for a young producer to get.

Soon we will hear his new album"Tony Awake – Grey Sky EP", which will be released at Subtribe records ( ) on the 2nd on November, 2009. This album has vivid features of his own style and sound. The album comprises all the favourite tracks of the artist. There will also be some pieces written with Gracie, a vocalist, who contributed a certain sense to the music. ‘A vocal beautifies music but often confuses listeners. In this album, I wanted to tell listeners about what I think and feel and I want to express my gratitude to Gracie who totally understood me and agreed to work on the “Grey Sky” и “Feelings” tracks with me’, said Tony. There will also be the remixes of such producers as Quadrat Beat, Guerilla, Arabica, Torqux, Duane Barry, and so on.