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  • My First Club: Felix Dickinson

    My First Club takes us back to the beginning, transporting DJs and producers back into the depths...

    Thu 26th November 5 PM
  • My First Club: Felix Dickinson

    My First Club takes us back to the beginning, transporting DJs and producers back into the depths...

    Thu 26th November 5 PM
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There are people who don`t particularly care for music. Then there are people who love music. And then are finally those who live for music. Almost every possible minute of their 24 hour day is used to consume, understand and compose music. The learning process of completely comprehending this beautiful art form never stops, it is a life long journey. Musicians infected by this contagious disease tend to frequently alter their tuneful flavor, always one step ahead of the rest of the field, never looking to the past for inspiration. It`s not their job, no, it is their natural intuition.

The producing artist and dj TONKA is surely a prime specimen of the latter. Being a proud owner of over 40.000 vinyls, the German musician spends most of his day devouring the freshest tunes just out. But not only is this man an expert in the electronic field, he is also an avid lover of indie rock, oldschool hip hop, 80`s synthesizer pop, chicago house and italo disco. This has most likely to do with the fact that the young entertainer grew up in a family which evolved around wild jazz jam sessions at home and fine arts exhibitions.

TONKA started his illustrious career together with his best buddy and school mate Ian Pooley in 1991. Under the synonyms T`N`I, Space Cube and Outrage they released a whole bunch of early techno, house and breakbeat records on underground labels such as Force Inc. (Germany), Edge Records (UK) and R&S (Belgium). After achieving notoriety with Ian in a flash, he started releasing groundbreaking cut up disco 12inches (1995) on the legendary Force Inc. US imprint, basically inventing a completely new genre in itself.

Nowadays TONKA is back for another full Throttle attack on the club community. After vanishing for 4 long years and having relocated from Mainz (near Frankfurt) to Munich and setting up a new studio there, he is about to unleash a sensational new record on the internationally renown Great Stuff label. Orca and Freeze are two amazing tech house tracks which fully showcase TONKA`s remarkable talent for catchy tunes. Everybody from Carl Cox, Tiga, Switch, Gregor Tresher, Axwell, Ben Watt to Peter Kruder is crazy about his current output. But not only is the former head of Uplifting Records and Vivienne Records putting out smash-hits on Great Stuff, simultaneously he is about to deliver another killer record labeled Drop Box EP on Alphabet City. Being the music devotee that he is, these songs demonstrate an entirely different facet of his arsenal. Chicago house beats interfuse with jaw-dropping drum & bass skills, giving it a 100 % club-banger effect.

Of course nobody shall ever forget his huge chart-hits She Knows You and Don´t be Afraid or his multiple awesome house remixes for big time players such as Salt`N`Pepa, P.Diddy, The B-52`s and Jimmy Sommerville, but with these massive present tunes under his belt,TONKA is definitely set for a fresh beginning, a new era in electronic music. And being the crack and enthusiast that he is, this world wide traveled dj has been playing the fidget/rave sound from the day after tomorrow for a long time.

Once again picking up on and actually influencing the club sound of the future before the rest of us eventually realize:

Damn, TONKA has been playing this stuff months ago!

It´s not just his job, it`s simply his intuition!