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TF are Da Lukas and Paolo Bigazzi.

They have applied and developed their wide range of skills and talents

from electronic music, house music, soundtrack prospective, and sound


and media productions.

Tone Float’s creative process moves around a complete set of vintage

and not-vintage synths in their studio.During tracks production they love

to shaped out the atmosphere and the sounds they will use in their sets,


intelligent design that reflects technical virtuosity, and lovely vibes.

The target is a melting around electronic mellow melodies and house

grooving structure, crossing and flirting with techno.

They love to collect their works, including original version of the tracks,

as their zeitgeist of composing and visualizing complete project.

They hate “tag” oriented web 2.0 way to cross audio flux.

Music has the right to people, dancefloor is a state of mind.

That’s their commitment.

More info:

[email protected]