Top 25k on The DJ List

Tone Bano

Barcelona, Spain



Born in Germany. Growing up in an industrial and grey city. Between modern social slavery and rightwing propaganda he tried to find his way out through music. He left Essen (Germany) in the end of 1996. Moving to Barcelona (Spain) he understood what was happening in those times. The change got Tone back on track… new experience, new love. A way out and a new lifestyle which permitted him to see through different spheres of musical knowledge. He started producing electronic music at the age of 16, working hard and buying himself a Roland TR-606 and SVC-350 Vocoder and a simple Midi Keyboard which gave him the chance to compose naiv style techno.

At the age of 19 he released his first track on a Ibiza Compilation called New Age Ibiza Vanguard Music Volume II. In collaboration with Richie Slow, who showed him the finest techniques at spinning on three turntables.

After his first release he got offered residencies at Automatique (Barcelona), CO2 (Barcelona) and at the New Age Ibiza events in Privilege (Ibiza) and La Diosa (Ibiza). Having played at the most popular clubs in Barcelona (Discotheque, La Terrrazza, La Paloma, Risco, KGB, La Cova and many others.)

After a gig in Berlin (Sage Club) he falled in love with a canadian girl and he moved to Toronto for almost a year. Living in Toronto illegally he got offered residencies at Alto Basso and the electroclash Events hosted by Larry Tee.

He moved back to Barcelona with a new understanding. His live changed completely. He started to understand the difference between the hypercultural and postelectronic music. This change made him explore new ways of producing electronic music.

Now at the age of 24 he is opening a club in Barcelona together with his partners Nuria Faura (Nuria Ghia), Urbano Ayllon (Drupi), Lionel Michellad (Limic) and Jan Hoffmann. He is taking care of the art direction and booking matters. Putting together an international team of experienced people which are giving all their forces and soul on starting a new and different club in Barcelona. The club is opening on the 27th of April and the name of the club is raum. Raum is space. Raum is postelectronic. A multimediatic space which offers Barcelona the international variety of electronic music. Raum is music in the most innovative way. Raum is color. Social. Cultural. Raum is networking… meeting point.