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Tomster4Life´s Biography

The Hamburg-based artist & producer Tomster is present here a long time as an artist. Tomster began in his early years to mix, and had never stopped dreaming of the fact that he will succeed once. Him was always been important to respond to the guests musical and inspire the audience with his music. Tomster makes his music to this day out of pure passion and has the interest in electronic dance music never lost.

The artist has started in Hamburg Lighthouse, at that time a trendy youth discotheque in Hamburg – Bergedorf. There the artist collected many experiences that he can use in the artist life course. He observed the resident artists of Lighthouses – Bergedorf and tried to establish contact with them. After some time he succeeded. Tomster became acquainted with a artist of the Lighthouse and understood themselves at first attempt with it. He learned a lot from him and looked at many skills, such as The mix CDs and how they are mixed professionally.

After numerous experiences, Tomster had collected in Lighthouse Hamburg, the artist left the Lighthouse and took a hiatus. Later he got to know the Powerhouse in Hamburg St. Pauli. The Powerhouse was a club in Hamburg for jungle, breakbeat and drum & bass fans. There the artist spent about six months, until one day a woman came into the club and invited the Hamburg-based artist Tomster into the club Hamburg tunnel. Of course as a regular guest. Then Tomster said: “sure!”. So it happened that Tomster got to know the Tunnel Club in Hamburg, which is be located on the beginning of the Reeperbahn, corner Große Freiheit 6. Enthusiastically, he looked at the club and watched how the artists playing records. They presented all „ the black gold”. This is the name for the black vinyl record. He got to know new artists, e.g. Dave X / Mitch / Bavommet / Gary D. and Janny. Many of them are still active in the tunnel as DJs.Tomster was now often in the tunnel and one day he began to work there. He was first active behind the bar, brought the artists the drinks and watch closely the operation of the DJ s, as he had done well at the Lighthouse.

At Tomsters birthday, he got surprisingly a great gift from Hamburg Tunnel Club: the first 4 discs! The Hamburg-based artist was of course very happy about it and was allowed to the end of workday his new records to also present. It was clear, that he could not deal with it well enough, because so far he had mixed with CDs. So the artist stood at the DJ booth and put on records. That was it! He was thrilled and immediately grabbed his ambition. He had more records bought by Container Records and practiced diligently. Occasionally he was allowed to put on the turntable for Container Records, because there were already professional turntables and mixer brand Rodec. Rodec was formerly known as the Mercedes of consoles. Today the company manufactures the best Pioneer mixers.

Meantime Tomster acquired a respectable record collection, and went in search of more performance opportunities. He found what he searched for: After many hours of practice were the mixes better and he had finally made it! His first gig was with plates of the Hamburg artists in the hall at the Hammer dike. The event was called “The Time Tunnel 5”. Although the artist Tomster did not stand himself on the Flyers, but he got the chance in the sub floor and took advantage of it immediately. He was supposed to work for the bar area, but it turned out differently than expected. The artist was adressed by someone, who had noticed in the tunnel, that Tomster now spinning records too. Robert from Hamburg’s Tunnel asked: "Say, you playing records, too? “Tomster agrees.” Have you records with you?" Tomster affirmed it, and that was the chance for which he waited a long time.

Then it all happened very quickly for Tomster and he was allowed to playing records in the 2th subfloor for Time Tunnel 5. After the Time Tunnel 5, left the Hamburg-based artist the Tunnel Club and worked no longer at the bar, because he wanted fully concentrate on the music now.

After the gig at Time Tunnel 5 was followed by numerous appearances in Hamburg TNT Club, Camelot Club, Club, Reactor Club, Babalu Club, Baluga Bar, House Bar, La Cage, Tiefenrausch, Docks, Schlachthof, Bunker, Voila, City Base, clothing store Myers und clothing store Werdin. The Werdin was a clothing store of the brand Werdin and had its own branch store at the Hamburg main station. But it was not a normal clothes shop, which was led by Werdin, because the general techno scene met there of the Hanseatic city. After the shows, the Hamburg-based artist got to know, a man called Thorsten, who was active for a Club TV.

Club TV was a large group of young people who have fought their way through the scene of Hamburg, to film the Hamburg club scene at night and to interview, but also to film artists. Sometime Tomster went for a short time to Club TV, both as guest and as a moderator. After the many experiences that the artist had collected, he could also now spinning records at the Hamburg G-Move. Not just once, but in subsequent years and for three other G-moves. The G-Move is similar to the Love Parade, only smaller. Instead he had first found in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. It followed events in Kiel , where Tomster was also on the turntables.

After the G-Move it went. Now, could the Hamburg Artist professionally play records and had already made considerable references. The next development was due and was planning its own Tomster House & Electro-Techno event. The name of the event was “Escape to Chicago.” The event was organized in Hamburg Phondrome with 2500 people. Many artists was invited to the event: Wolfgang Koch Records of container, Miss Dennis, who had already produced for the Hamburg G-Move a hymn, and Eddie Silver.

After this great event it was only a quiet again. Half a year creative break was convened and forged new ideas: the concept Nortdtrance was born..

Meanwhile, the artist and music producer from Hamburg has conducted a successful series of events that has been made in the north of the republic a big name as Nordtrance.

The event is supported by the North Trance & Trance fans of the electro scene, more and more accepted. Visitors come from across Germany traveled to Hamburg to attend. Many popular and well known artists such as Star: Blank & Jones / 4 Strings / Shog / Mario Lopez / Talla 2xlc / Marc Van Linden / Global Deejays / Ron van den Beuken / Dave 202 / Markus Gardeweg / Lee aka Megara / Dr. Motte / Tillmann Uhrmacher / Tiddey / Stefan Gruenwald / Deep Melange / Mirko Milano / Gollum / Andy Hawk / Kara Sun / CJ Stone / HouseSympartysanten / Martink were / was a guest.

Tomster shows not only a series of events in his life, but also had successful appearances abroad. The popular music producer and artist was already present in the following countries Greece, Yugoslavia and Switzerland, where he goes to fire up his fans with his skill. Again and again, the Hamburg-based artist also presented his music on the wagons of various Street-Moves: G-Move (as already described) Vision Parade, Love Parade, Spenden Move, etc.

After the artist Tomster had cashed references with great dedication, he bought studio equipment and slowly learned now producing at the same time. Today Tomster produced with the famous Swiss manufacturer Pre-Fader. Tomster and Pre-Fader got to know about a Swiss artist. It harmonizing magically at the first go, and the “chemistry” is right. Then Tomster invited Pre-Fader to Hamburg to exchange ideas together. A jointly-produced track called “Pre-Fader & Tomster: Take You Away” followed immediately. It must be assumed that this was not the final production of the two.

Furthermore Tomster himself has started a pilot project with a Hardstyle track called “Basses of Being.” This track is it on Youtube to see and successfully went through the whole Hardstyler world. “Basses of Being” has made it onto Youtube a mega Record: 860 809 views and 1347 ratings were give to the track! But the hard-Tyler genre was not the fulfillment of the Hamburg artist, because his heart was beating more towards Holland. So he has stamped on the Hardstyle and went to the music genre of the progressive trance music.

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