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Tommy Tunes

New York, United States

House, Trance

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DJ Tommy Tunes born and raised in Brooklyn, NY has been at the forefront of the Electronic Dance movement for nearly two Decades. Tommy starting spinning at the age of 13 years old and hasn’t looked back since. Tommy’s been spinning what he calls the music that will unite the world, since the early 90’s at that time spinning mostly Hardcore. Around 1994 He started discovering what is now known as Trance and believed this was the sound he was born to spin. Between 1994 and 1999 he gained great recognition for being the first DJ to introduce to the east coast what are now some most popular Trance songs ever created.

He started out strictly as a Underground Rave DJ and has Spun and rocked some of the largest Electronic music events the east coast ever produced. Attendance for some of these events we’re up to 12,000. Tommy believes there is no greater emotional feeling or honor than being givin’ the opportunity to perform to such crowds. He literally spun hundreds of Underground Events throughout the United States, Canada and Asia. As his popularity grew the NYC Clubs starting taking interest in his ability to unite a crowd into a frenzy and Tommy started taking bookings in some of the most popular NYC Clubs, Venues such as The Palladium, Limelight, Tunnel, Sound factory, Expo, Webster Hall, the list can go on and on, but none of them we’re has dear to him as Vinyl, We’re he became resident DJ in 1996-1997 for the now legendary UNITY parties, there he played along side just about Every Superstar DJ/artist on the planet, From Paul Van Dyk to Deep Dish and everyone in between, Tommy has proven time and time again that his GOD givin talent to read and Unite a crowd gives him the right to be mentioned along side these superstars.

After retiring in late 2001 for personal reasons Tommy has now realized the one thing that he truly loves, that truly makes him happy is the emotions he invokes from crowds when performing. In just a few months out of retirement Tommy is yet once again gaining the respect of his piers and fans. In Fact Tommy is now resident dj @ Sessions @ club Exit in Brooklyn, NY and plans on exploding back onto the dance music scene. Tommy is working hard in the studio and plans on releasing several Tracks in 2007 to further pursue his dream of becoming one of the worlds best DJ’s!