Everything started in 1996, when Tommy Marcus released his first album 'Urban Trade Mark' under the moniker Mark Clement. (Columbia Sony Music). The single 'Berlin' taken f... read more
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Everything started in 1996, when Tommy Marcus released his first album ‘Urban Trade Mark’ under the moniker Mark Clement. (Columbia Sony Music). The single ‘Berlin’ taken from the album charted the French Top 20 several weeks in a row.

Following the success of the album, he started Djing every week for a new party called BUTCH that no-one had heard of, and which is still remembered now as the club that changed gay clubbing in Paris at the time.

Very quickly, Tommy’s reputation grew up, and his career was launched in a few month !

Since then he hasn’t stop playing and had residencies in the most important clubs of Paris :Butch (98-07), Home deluxe (99-07), Spray (03-04), Finally (03-06), Mix Tea Dance (05-07). Additionnaly, in Paris, he’s been a regular Dj at world famous Queen Club, Red light, MIX, Elysee Montmartre and regularly played in major cities across France including Lyon , Nice (residency at le Klub), Marseilles, Toulouse,and the Dolly Parties on the beach of Saint Tropez.

On the international scene, he spun to packed crowds and big rooms at the Berlin Love Parade (the first french to spin at the main official party) , Amsterdam’ s Joystick (2 years residency), Bangkok’ Squirt, Brussels’ Fuse/La Demence, Ibiza, Mykonos’

Tommy always had curiosity and an open mind for any kind of music. That’s how he grew up listening a range of styles that might seem weird put together : RnB , Musicals, mellow pop, chill out tracks and even rock or TOP 40 pop.. This gave him a wide musical background, and makes that today he can adapt his sets to the audience he’s palying to, being as well at ease with the most cheerful vocal house than the angry beats of tribal House or melodic waves of Trance,

Besides Djing, Tommy Marcus always kept his hand on production, whether it is to release his own material (such as the club hit Supalove , or more reccently Eternal Sunshine in collaboration with Aurora Borealis) or for remixing different tracks from his backcatalogue or for longtime friend French House pionner Shazz.

Tommy Marcus created his own record label, Resolution Records, with the latter in 2004. They released a few tracks, but the evolution of the music market led them to put the project in standby, until end 2007 when the label was re-launched as an all-digital label.

2008 is full of projects ! First, on the Djing side Tommy’s got his current residencies in Paris : Vicious Boys (6H mixing in the middle of porn stars action on stage ’ The hotest Paris’ party in years !), Confession, COX and Just Loco, at Matrixx superclub in the Netherlands. Some projects are on the way with Indonesia and Marocco too.

On the production side, Tommy is working on 3 new tracks/remixes at the moment.

He made Resolution Records a major priority for 2008,with the goal to discover and sign new talents on the label.