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It all started in 1984 with a pair of belt-driven turntables. It would be through friends that the next step beyond simply fading between songs would be learned – the art of blending and beatmatching. In 1986, his DJ tools were upgraded to 2 Technics SL-1200mk2 turntables and a GLI mixer – from that point the hobby developed into what would become a lifelong love. His early adaptation of long blends are a trait still heard in his mixes today.

Growing up in Chicago was the perfect palette for Tommie’s musical taste and Learning the skills of a DJ in the mid eighties was a blessing and built the foundation for TOMMIE BOY’s musical roots. R&B music was what grabbed his attention, but House music fulfilled his soul. “There is no substitute for the vibe shared by true Househeads – It’s a friendship that can’t be explained or broken.” – TOMMIE BOY

While all his mixes could be classified as house, there is never any set genre or style to a particular mix. As TOMMIE BOY puts it: “I like my mixes to be a soundtrack for life. Sometimes I like to mix how I get ready for a night out. I start out mellow and by night’s end I’m on the edge of being crazy. Other times I envision myself on the road with the city lights blurring past me listening to some smooth beats.”

For over 20 years TOMMIE BOY has enjoyed being behind the decks, but has been more of an observer than performer – hanging in the shadows of some of Chicago’s finest DJs – however, that is about to change. Hard at work in the studio and finishing up his first release, Tommie Boy is about to become a name synonymous with quality music that inspires one to move.

Tommie Boy’s first release I Love Your Beat has promise to be a true dance floor anthem. The rhythm, lyrics and vibe hold true to some of the great House anthems pulled right out of the 80s with a sound that’s nothing short of current.

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