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From the beaches of Miami to the sands of the Playa and any number of fields, forests, clubs, barns and warehouses in between, TomFoolery can be found delivering chunky cuts of breaks to the masses. The sound of TomFoolery is expressed as bass music with a conscious intent of healing and mind expansion. As founder of CatalyticSouls, TomFoolery aided in the forming of a collective with the mission of “evolving consciousness.” CatalyticSouls has hosted a myriad of events unifying people in the positive vibrations of music including the famed UnderGround Sound series. TomFoolery’s music has been heard on internet radio, terrestrial radio, cd, and via download around the world. Lending to the global pool of DJ singles, TomFoolery’s pioneering production and collaborations for the CatalyticSouls REC label regularly land his name on the Beatport charts. Recent years have seen a myriad of projects including, Unter Lieben, Hugues, Dalek, & Acid Gangstas on labels such as Drop the World, Dirty Fabric, & Communique. While much of TomFoolery’s music can be found online, the best way to understand the TomFoolery experience is to be a part of it. Ask your local promoters to bring TomFoolery to a venue near you.