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Istanbul, Turkey


Blue Pie Records, Recover, Small Town Records
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My name is not important in this story really. What really is important here is the way I got my hands on the mixer…

I was originally a drummer in a local band, but, after hurting my left arm wrist, I had to give up on drumming. Since I always ‘pretended’ to be a DJ on the parties I went, and the crowd was always happy to hear me (using my cd-walkmen and two cassette decks), I started to work as a tone producer on the local radio station in 1990. After two years of doing nothing accept that and some of my own talkshows, I wanted to go to the live scene, and bought my first setup, which consisted of two old Technics CD players and a Numark mixer (very cheap one). After working as a DJ in local clubs, playing almost all types of genres, I decided to focus myself on especially one – HOUSE. So, finally bought myself a Denon DN-2500f in 1998 and started to rock everywhere I went. Since the money I got paid was much less than the value of the music needed for the gigs, I gave up on the DJ business in the year 2000 and started to work as a commercialist for the distributor of the P&G products here in Serbia and Montenegro (I’m still working in the company). One thing about that year that comes to my mind is that it was the best year for me since I started to work as a proDJ. I worked in a team with another DJ (both of us using my setup) in an opened club called “Radomir” here in Kraljevo. It was the time when the owners wished they had a bigger space… A crowd of 300+ people (and 100+ more in front of it, in the passage) enjoyed listening to my friends’ and mine mixes every night from 10pm till 5am. Even people from Belgrade came and slept in their cars, wanting to be here and listen to us. Ironically, I gave up the DJing on that same year.

Recently, after being unable to suppress my need for mixing, I bought myself once again a new setup, which consists of 2 Denon DN-S5000 CD players and a Denon DN-X1500 mixer, and am planning to make a huge comeback, if not for the money, than for the love for the music and all the fun I missed for so long…

That would be all the most important things I have to say about me as a DJ.