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Tom Tronic Ch

Zürich, Switzerland

Tech House, Techno

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It was the year 1992, i went to school this time and i found the way to the electronic music. it fastinated me. Until then, i heard myself trought all the music styles of the modern age. My heart choosed techno and locked it.

One year later i began to teach the mechanics, and i bough me from my first money quickly my first two turntables and a mixer. In this time was trance music very big. So i ran twice a week to the vinyl dealer. It means: work at day, learn mixing in the evening and night, until i perfected it. In the fourth and last teaching year, i went every weekend to technoparties and looked at the dj’s mix styles and techniques to learn more as i can.

Then came the first appearance and i needed a dj name.

At this time i called myself Dj Cronected and was played any times at the big club Magic Factory Zürich/Swiss, at many lounges, and at the club Next Zürich/Swiss, where i met my ex girlfriend. So it calmed down with the gigs.

Five years later, this relationship was over and i started to dj-ing again with my new dj name Tom Tronic. At my new beginning i played first in the larger lounges and clublounges in Baden and Zürich/Swiss.

Then cames the bookings for biger parties back. For the label „FreakOuts“ and „Überschall“ i played for example together with big dj’s like “Citizen Kain“, “Virgil Enzinger“, “Lützenkirchen“, “WORDA“ (Italo Business), “BEN.LB“ (Bosphorus Underground),

“The Advent“, “Marco Bailey“, “Dj Manao“ (Ministry of Sound) in the bigest clubs in Zürich/Swiss like Komplex 457. So i took back foot in the techno scene.

In may 2012 i became a booking to play in august 2012 one week as resident dj at the bigest global techno festival kaZantip 2012.

Four months ago, i set up myself a studio.I produce tracks witch i want to publish and sell.

At the moment my manager and i are contacting the whole world, because i want to play and share my music all over the world.I want to bring people to dance with the music and will bring them love and happiness.