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As a founding member of the ever dynamic Moda collective, Tom Staar has played a huge part in creating one of the UK’s most exciting new music brands, alongside Jaymo & Andy George. Whether throwing 2000 capacity warehouse raves or intimate basement parties, signing bands like Fenech Soler and Monarchy or working on their own musical projects – Moda is all about taking the freshest electronic music to all corners of the planet, via every means possible.

Rumour has it that Tom Staar can hear interstellar frequencies beyond the audible range of most human ears. A skill that proves pretty handy as head of the Moda studios. Many of the artists released on Moda Music have benefited from Tom’s studio skills – skills that have made many a club sound system weep tears of sonic satisfaction, whilst simultaneously emitting roars so earth shatteringly loud it’s can be measured on the Richter scale.

Moulding finely crafted bass around quirky, and often complex percussion, Tom’s sound can stray from the gameboy melodies of his debut Console EP, to the darker, Techno-tinged fixtures on his follow-up release, The Heavy Artillery EP which featured his smash, Two Tone Simms. Pretty much every track he makes gains huge Radio 1 support from Annie Mac who has been a supporter of his cosmic sound from day 1.

From day one Tom was counting people like Fake Blood, Crookers and Sinden amongst his ever growing fan base, but it was when Annie Mac dropped Two Tone Simms on her Radio 1 show in 2010 that things really went skywards. Thousands of daily Myspace plays, bookings at clubs and festivals all over Europe and America, and remixes for the likes of Crookers, We Have Band and Fenech Soler all followed – making Tom Staar one of the most eagerly watched new names on the block.

Not one to stand still, Tom set about pushing his sound even further, both on his own and in collaboration projects. His Pandemonium EP boasted a twisted hook-up with Sweden’s Savage Skulls, whilst Spring 2011 will finally see his much anticipated love-in with Herve come to light, as well as remixes for Example, Kitsune’s Pony Pony Run Run and Moda’s newest signing Toy Tigers.