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In tradition of the worlds most recognized U.S. hardhouse djs puttin it down today, Tom Sawyer is no exception. Providing some of the hardest pounding bass the east coast has yet to hear this DJ/Producer, has been the apple of the electronic music industries eye for nearly 3 years now, and is one of the most recognized U.S. Hardhouse names along the east coast.

In the summer of 2002 along with Joshua Perry-aka-Oompa Loompa, Tom co-founded Airplane Clique out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Putting together a large variation of hot traxx and doing mass promotions, AC has grown to be a prominate company in the mid-west. Now with 13 DJs on their roster, the Airplane Clique without a doubt has nothing short of a top-notch dj headlining it all.

Showing an ultra-aggressive style of hardhouse/ hardcore has drivin Tom to a whole new level, and with his recent release of the “Give it to me Hard” series, plans to take U.S. Hardhouse to a whole new extreme. For those of you who know, we don’t have to tell you. If you don’t, you better run and ask somebody and when he comes to your area, expect nothing less than complete and total annihilation.