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He began with the group “Sales gosses” in 1995 in the south in France.

Then, after performing in the clubs in the south he became interested in the raves parties.

He met Francesco Farfa and Joy Kitikonti with who he developed his sound on the label “Audio Esperando” and the Italian agency “Metempsicosi” in Florence.

He returned to France with a more evolved sound and people began to speak about him on the French, Italian, Spanish dance floors.

Little by little, he rally the crowd of these countries to his cause. He was noticed by the Spanish label “Serial killers” and begins to work with them.

During his distance, he is joining the label Scandium with whom he creates a maxi with a strong deep tendency, maxi composed with Joy Kitikonti.

Then he joined the label EUKAHOUSE with whom he did 3 other productions:

The first one was realized at the end of summer 2001. A second was done in October 2001. And a third one in November 2001.

One of these works was remixed by Jack De Marseille still on EUKAHOUSE.

Today, he is preparing an other maxi more techno with Scandium, and because of this success he starts collaborations with labels such as Goodlife, Gfunk, Intensive.

He is also working on a project for an Italian label.

Now Tom use to play more abroad France like in Colombia, UK, Spain, Italy. He is getting more residences over the world.

Play listed by many artists with his two first maxis, he is joining the French Dj’s pool with a variable geometry sound :

Deep for the house parties, Progressive tribal, hypnotic techno and intensive techno for the thrilling atmosphere.

Tom is an eclectic artist who is feeling the sensibility of the dance floor for each of his appearance.