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Tom Neptunes

Paris, France

Electro House, Trance

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Born january 1, 1987 at Dijon, Tom Neptunes is a DJ Producer who make his reputation in France and abroad through the «Trance in France» project. He is part of this new generation of DJs who are growing thanks to the Internet.

He has worked in partnership 2010 on events with the best Trance DJs who came in France (Tiësto, Armin Van Buuren, Moonbeam, Daniel Wanrooy…) in renowned places like «Le Palais Club» at Cannes, «Queen Club», «Mix Club» and «Le Redlight» in Paris.

He is also the partner of the great french label «Wagram Music» for the sale of a Trance compilation on the main distribution networks in France.

His radio show «Trance in France», which is becoming increasingly popular, is now broadcasted on the french FM, the american FM, the australian FM, the belgian FM and the swiss FM. It counts 11 000 official downloads per month and more than 2 500 suscribers to the podcast.

Regularly behind the desk in french parties for more than 3 years, and also beginner abroad, for exemple in the Netherlands in 2010, his performances never stop to amaze.

With hard work, Tom Neptunes became the representative of Trance in the french territory and the support of the french Trance scene abroad !

Trance in France

In 2006, Tom Neptunes launched the beginnings of his project in a rebel state of mind and protest on the situation of this style too little known in France while it conquered the entire planet. It was only in 2007 that «Trance In France» has became real with the launch of the radio show and started to be an information center about Trance in general.

From 2008, he has became the partner of parties with the best french Trance DJs, and has given them his promotional support through «Trance In France».

In 2010, «Trance in France» is, for the first time, partner with International Top Trance DJs on their dates in France. Thus, Tom Neptunes worked for Armin Van Buuren at Palais Club (Cannes), Tiësto at Queen Club (Paris), Tiësto at Muga Music Meeting 2010, Moonbeam at Spartacus Club (near Marseille), Daniel Wanrooy at Techno Parade 2010 (Paris), at Mix Club (Paris) and at Redlight (Paris).

The same year, he obtained a partnership with the french label «Wagram Music» for the release of the compilation «Trance 2010» which ensures to «Trance In France», a presence in major distribution networks until 2013.

With hard work, the development of the network by «Trance In France» was supported by the elite of the DJs and by people who work into the Trance Music Scene. We note Armin Van Buuren, the World Best DJ since 2007, proudly displaying «Trance en France !» at Palais Club (Cannes).

Trance in France Show

Launched in 2007, his radio show brings together the best Trance DJs from France in residency or Guest DJ, but also a monthly international guest star like Paul Oakenfold, Above & Beyond, Judge Jules, Ferry Corsten, Gareth Emery, Cosmic Gate and many others. Quickly relayed to all Trance websites and forums, it has caught the attention for its original concept, efficient and quality episodes.

Each week, «Trance in France Show» names its «Hit Of The Week End» and offers to the listenners the possibility to vote their favourite track, which will be put forward on the player of the «Trance in France» official website then.

Today, the radio show is broadcasted on the largest Internet Radio, appears on the french FM, the american FM, the australian FM, the belgian FM and the swiss FM. The podcast counts 11 000 official downloads per month and more than 2 500 suscribers to the podcast.

Behind the desk

Starting live performances from 2006-2007, Tom Neptunes often marked, those who saw him, by his talent and dynamism. For this creative birth, produce a set is an art where the DJ is committed to grow ever higher adrenaline felt by clubbers on the dancefloor and make them reach a level of addictive feelings.

He has moved from 2008 to parties everywhere in France where he was invited to play Trance Music (Paris, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Dijon, Nancy, Metz, Caen, Nevers…). Parties in clubs, bars, outdoor, and private parties also.

In early 2010, Tom Neptunes shared the desk with Amex (Black Hole Recordings) at Oss in the Netherlands for the first time abroad, Then with Daniel Wanrooy (Blackhole Recordings) at Redlight, a very famous club in Paris which hosts numerous names like David Guetta, Joachim Garraud, Sébastien Léger…

On 14 july 2010 («Bastille Day» in France), he performed 20 minutes to create a special atmosphere during the fireworks. A great new experience for him !


In october 2009, Olivier Brilleau, founder of the number 1 website about french clubbing, called upon his services for the launch of a Trance & Progressive Podcast, specific to ClubbingHouse, as co-manager and also Resident DJ, with Arno Cost, Norman Doray, Arias, Westhill & Alenza, Michael Kaiser, Ben LB…

In ten days, this podcast has been ranked in the top 50 Itunes and has been highlighted in the «New and Noticed». Later it has been classified as «Featured» (Best rank place : 6th on the «Itunes Music France Podcast») next to «F**K Me I’m Famous» by David Guetta, «Club Life» by Tiësto, «A State Of Trance» by Armin Van Buuren.