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Tom Lue is from San Jose California USA. While growing up in mid to late teens, aside from all the mainstream artist at the time, his greatest and most influential Artists were Robert Miles, Yoko Kanno, Nobuo Uematsu, Yanni, Orbital, Daft Punk, Prodigy, The Crystal Method, Mars & Mystre and many more. At the age of 15 his parents bought him his first generic digital Panasonic keyboard and he fell in love with playing the piano. Although it did take him some time to learn and the fact that he’s never taken a single piano lesson till this date, playing the piano came very natural to him as he could play along with songs by ear and improvise. At the age of 16 he bought his first pair of turntables and a mixer and started DJing miscellaneous extracurricular activity and events for his high school and friends. While mainly focused on DJing at the time, It wasn’t until he reached the age of 19 he discovered Fruity Loops (A relatively popular and budget friendly and powerful Digital Audio Workstation) After a long while similar to his piano experience and learning curve, he began taking a heavy interest in composing his own music and fell in love with the genre Progressive House. At the age of 24 he started to really make progress and built up the confidence in sending out his tracks to his favorite labels for a shot at recognition and glory. His big break was when Adam “Retriod” Huzar from Morphosis Records took interest in his music and responded back with a 6 track signing contract.

Although still very new to the EDM scene, Tom’s uplifting melodic progressive tunes has already caught the attention and support from some very well established artist in the industry like: Matt Darey, Andy Moor, Matt Cerf, Kenneth Thomas, Embliss, Schodt, Johnny Yono, Aeron Aether, and many more.

Nowadays when Tom Lue is not in the studio either working on his next creation, remixing another, promoting, or being distracted by everyday living situations and or PC games, he’s working on his two online radio shows on Pure.FM: The Morphosis Records show and Progressive Therapy Sessions. You can tune into both shows on the fourth Tuesday of every month 8AM-9AM and 3:00PM-4PM PST for the best in progressive.