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Introducing DJ Tom Leclerq, not a new guy in the scene, who started his career in the Extreme on Saturdays. Later he began entertaining the crowds in the famous Zillion where he ruled the turntables for 1,5 years on various nights. After playing 2 years in the Arenchi club he found a new hot spot in Versuz… Do we need more? Being a guest in Pacha (Ibiza), Beach Rock and Love Parade combined with different gigs in European clubs this guy earned his musical stripes … not enough? As a producer of Aspiral (a project together with M.I.K.E.(Push) ) he already scored a few hits like ‘Heavenly’ and ‘Vital sins’, earlier this year the new single ‘Music is’ was released. His style is rather hard to subscribe but we’ll give it a try anyway: the music he brings is mainly House with some progressive and groovy influences…. No need for more words, check him out in Versuz every Saturday night. “You ain’t seen nothing yet” is Toms motto, I quote ’’Respect to all DJ’s who will always keep their head up high, never give up and FIND THEIR STRENGHT IN MUSIC!"