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Tom Campbell

Melbourne, Australia


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For those true lovers of Techno & DJing, Tom has just launched his new Ustream TV channel called ‘Techno // IMPRESSIONS >’….. Almost like adding a 3rd dimension to Soundcloud you can now tune in Live to watch his latest recording from inside the studio. If you miss the actual live set, don’t stress, because you can watch the recorded visual anytime on his channel here You will still be able to listen to and download the audio from Soundcloud as usual…

The channel will also be featuring premium guest DJ’s from Australia and around the globe. Make sure you have ‘Liked’ his Facebook page to keep up to date on when the next live recording will commence…..Thanks tuning in, hope you enjoy……

>>>>> Tom has just secured a weekly 2hour show on UK digital radio station ‘IMPRESSIONS with Tom Campbell’ will be a great chance for all Techno lovers to really escape and be taken on a musical journey throughout the many sub-genres of the modern sounds of todays Techno. So tune in each Saturday Night @ 12-2am (GMT)…1-3am(CET)…Sunday 11-1pm (EST)… If you can’t tune in Live, the show will be uploaded to Soundcloud for you to download and enjoy at your convenience…


After having a break from professional DJing local Melbourne DJ Tom Campbell is back…with his trademark Techno incorporating Deep, Driving, Minimal & Melodic sounds, Tom has already released his latest ’I’m back in July Mix’ to great reviews, with a new mix being released each month on Soundcloud.

During his time as a professional DJ Tom held residencies at some of Australia’s most successful clubs from Q Bar, playing along side Kasey Taylor and Sean Quinn to Seven, Red Heads, Viper Room, AM/PM Bubble, Chasers and played guest spots around town at just about all of the major clubs….all while hosting a successful morning breakfast radio Show on Kiss FM. Tom has also DJ’d at many of Australia’s major events and festivals such as Summadayze, the ‘Welcome’ Series, Two Tribes, God’s Kitchen, GateCrasher, Renaissance and Cream just to name a few, playing alongside many international artists such as Paul Oakenfold, Sasha & Digweed, Tall Paul, Carl Cox and Paul Van Dyk, Jimmy Van M, Seb Fontaine, Steve Lawler, Danny Howells, Andy Jarrod, Josh Abrahams… Stay tuned to hear Tom Campbell rocking a dance floor near you soon…..


Tom has been busy working on numerous music productions in the Gin&Tonic Studio which will be previewed on Soundcloud soon…….Stay Tuned!


Tom learnt his trade on his trusty TECHNICS 1210’s and truly believes that learning the art of Vinyl mixing is a magical skill that all DJ’s should try and master, so they can truly understand the power of beat mixing by the ear, not the eye or sync button….His digital weapons of choice are the PIONEER CDJ2000’s which are finally, after many years of experience and firmware upgrades, as close to vinyl mixing as you can get….he finds it interesting to hear new DJ’s talking about their CDJ’s floating and complaining that there must be something wrong with the hardware because they keep going out of sync…Note…Floating is a natural part of dance music and mixing….which brings him back to the point of learning to mix on vinyl….The newest piece of digital weaponry to hit his studio is the TRAKTOR S4. This is truly a remarkable piece of digital hardware, as far as controllers are concerned, and the software that is included is pretty good too…..BUT if he had to decide….His weapons of choice would always be the CDJ’s and 1210’s…NICE!


If you enjoy his music please go to his Facebook DJ Page and like it and follow him on Twitter…..This way you’ll be able to get up to date happenings and know when and were Tom is playing….Thank you and please enjoy the ride…..