Inspired by the love of music, Toby started out at the age of 15. His first party was a High School party called 'Booty Fest'! Most of the equipment (including some music) ... read more
Toby Beatport


Inspired by the love of music, Toby started out at the age of 15. His first party was a High School party called ‘Booty Fest’! Most of the equipment (including some music) was borrowed. This event gave him the taste he needed to become the DJ he is today. As a personal preference, he chooses to spin on ‘Technics 1200’s’ than any other turntable. Toby quotes “Where as other tables are always being improved, these get the job done no matter what abuse you put them through”. Toby also prefers Vestax and Rane mixers. Through The years of progression in technology, you may also find Toby spinning with the new CD players that manipulate vinyl (Pioneer CDJ 1000’s/800’s). He remains to the roots of vinyl, but in certain situations It wouldn’t be uncommon to see him with a pair of Pioneer CDJs. Almost since the release of Serato’s ‘Scratch Live’, Toby has been using this program to not cheat his skills but to add to them and become more creative in his mix’s. Toby’s sounds have been heard in various clubs including: Forum, La Falla, Varsovia, Mirage, Planters, Coyote Wells, Waves, My Buddy’s Place, Kalia, M2, Amnesia, La Tabla, Studio Z and many others. Some may say that’s not a lot of clubs under his belt, but it works for Toby. Not into DJing for fame but for the love of the music and art behind mixing it together all while being a Father figure for his son. In 1999 he began working on local radio station Q-96 (KSIQ-FM). Also, in 2000, he got the chance to work for San Diego’s Z-90 (XHTZ) till 2001. One thing most people don’t know about Toby is before beginning a full-time career in radio, he had just begun School at Cerritos Community College in Los Angeles to become a chef! What does cooking and DJing have in common? Toby describes his mixing style like how as a cook would prepare a meal. “The only thing that matters, when performing live” say’s Toby “is if the people like what you’re mixing. You have to add the right ingredients into your mix adding a splash of this, a pinch of that and a dash of spice to make it just right!” As a connoisseur of all music, Toby enjoys throwing a few older classic jams in his mixs. He enjoys listening to music from the 50’s – Today, including Old School, Latin, New-Wave, Country and classic Country. Of course, it drives his wife (Bianca) nuts when they go on long trips. Today, Toby is a Federal Officer but continues expanding his knowledge and talents with music.