Language: English

Tobias Hoppe was born in 1982 in Germany. He grew up in Linden near Frankfurt/Main. In the age of 5 years he started to play the piano (until the age of 13). His mother was a singer and keyboard player in a pop band during the ‘80’s. Therefore he got in contact with music in his life very early and he listened to musicians like Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, George Michael, Sting etc. He discovered his real love for electronic music in the year 1999 when he heard his first DJ set played by Taucher. So he began to search for new experiences and started to visit a lot of clubs and parties. It was only a matter of time that he bought himself a pair of turntables and a mixer. He started to play his first sets in his bedroom with hard trance in the beginning of 2001. A few months later he heard progressive house music for the first time and fell in love with this kind of music (especially with Cass & Slide – Perception) because this music was impressive deep and diversified in contrast to the commercial trance music. In the end of 2001 he got his first gig at the radio show “Monday Night Madness” at “Radio-Unity”, a popular radio station in for electronic music in Germany. His set was so impressive that he joined this show as a resident DJ and moderator in March 2002 and called the (his own) radio show “UK-Only”. The show took place every Monday and there he played together with DJs like Oliver Klein, Taucher, Björn Mandry, Björn Small, etc. During this time he became resident DJ at the nice club “Go-In” in Gelnhausen and had a lot of gigs especially in the Frankfurt area. In December 2003 the radio station and the “Go-In” closed either because of insolvency. At the same time Tobias started to produce his first self-made music. After the insolvency he had only very few gigs because of his chemistry study and he decided to focus on producing music and discovered the fascination of making new sounds, melodies and noises ;-). After more than 2 years of producing he took the courage to send his music to a few labels and got contact to Spesh from Loöq Records and Kenny Wee from Pure Substance who signed three songs for an EP (Hungary vs. Germany Substance EP). His first release was played by a lot of top DJ’s around the world like Hernan Cattáneo (Charted Dec. 06), Sultan, Anthony Pappa to name a few. In the year 2007 he released a remix for Björn Smalls “Embers” on Bonzai’s sublabel Musashi. In January 2008 he released the track “Witching Hour” (incl. BlueRoomProject and Björn Small rmx’s) which is played by DJ’s like Medway, Sasha Le Monier (Charted 2) and Hernan Cattáneo and a remix for Matias Popoff’s “Girl Cooperate” both on Ascension Records. His newest release is an EP (Quantum Mechanics EP) including 4 tracks on Pure-Substance Records and there are much more music to come in the future like a new track called “Adrianita” on Ascension Records.