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Prague, Czech Republic


Tmx Beatport


TMX’s dj life is quite short so you don’t find here many information. =)

TMX was born in 1986 in the heart of Europe in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. He was always crazy about dance music and he wanted to know the feel of DJ moving with a crowd of clubbers.

He started with DJing when he was 17. It was after his return from holiday on Ibiza. Maybe he was inspired by well known world DJs in every club. At first he was mixing just on his PC but it wasn’t real DJing so he bought mixer and turntables very soon.

TMX aka Trance Therapy also tried to do any remixes but he’s student and it’s too time-consuming for him.

He’s one of the young Czech DJs who want to bring trance music into clubs. Everyone knows that he’s still on the beginning of his way into world of trance.