Tm Beatport


Dj TM started as a dj at the age of 16, the music-bug got him earlier than that but at the age of 16 he was able to buy himself 2 turnables thanks to a weekend-job. Dj TM was intrigued about what dj’s in clubs could do with those turnables so he made it his goal to be as good as them. Within a short time and lots of practice TM was able to do enough tricks with his turnables so people started inviting him to play at their birthday party, events and so on… A half year later Dj TM became resident in a dance cafe in the neighborhood. He earned his place as resident there by participating to a dj contest, about 6 months later TM had to stop because it where very busy weekends then.

Some day a guy came to him that was famous in the region for organizing parties and events where TM lives. He asked Dj TM If he was interested as upcoming talent to play the warming up at the Powerball party, at that time Powerball party was one of the most famous parties in TM’s region because famous dj’s played there every year and the music style was very trance and hard trance styled. He asked Dj TM to come over some day during the week to play a try-out, the guy and his partners where very impressed about Dj TM’s music style and how TM handled the turnables. The following weekend Dj TM played at the party an The guys from the powerball party were so impressed by TM’s set that Dj TM kept playing at the party for 5 editions long as resident. This was TM’s push to more several other likewise parties. Short after that TM got the opportunity to play in 2 clubs, club Zenith located in Gistel and club Lamborghini located in Maldegem. In the mean while TM played a year long together with a partner-dj at a local radio-station, named Topradio Aalter, TM and his partner played non-stop mixes for an hour long every week. The show was named “partyzone”.

After that Dj TM got the opportunity at Danceradio located in San-Francisco to do a similar show. TM still has good contacts with the crew there. TM gave up powerball parties and Topradio because he’s got the impression that he doesn’t take any steps forward for the moment. Dj TM’s ambition is to get more out of his dj-life and he hopes that someday he’ll get the opportunity to play international.