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Tk N’ Cash

Chicago, United States


Hip-hop has always been more than just music—it’s a living, breathing movement and TK-N-CASH are a part of the talented next generation, ready to carry the torch. For these two, their music is not only a sound, but a lifestyle. Taking note from legends before them, you can hear the influence of rap greats in their music, blending a traditional hip-hop approach with a little swag of their own. TK-N-CASH have the unique ability to relate to the masses, which has garnered them thousands of screaming, video sharing, ticket buying, song downloading, sign-making fans! Watch any of their videos or listen to any of their music and it becomes clear why these Augusta, Georgia-bred MCs are poised to take over the entertainment industry.

The story of TK-N-CASH is one of two distinctive, yet very similar paths that eventually met with one dream in mind—to not only become stars, but all around success stories. TK, born Tevin Thompson, is confident in everything he does. With a strong family structure behind him (his father, Chris Thompson co-manages the group along with Askia Fountain) TK thrives on making connections. His talent and drive collide to ensure he succeeds at what he sets his sights on. He won’t stop at anything short of platinum albums and a few Grammys.

Cash, born Derrin Towsend, was learning the meaning of hard work while most young people were solely focused on middle school. Working on his dreams since the tender age of 12, he knows that the key to getting what he wants lies in determination. That willpower has fueled his fire to invade and occupy the industry at all cost. It was only a matter of time before TK met Cash performing around the Augusta area and realized their success lied in pairing.

They formed Banq Boi Entertainment and began creating music and performing as TK-N-CASH. In 2008, they moved to Atlanta where they wasted no time in making a name for themselves. After performing in a Distubring tha Peace (Ludacris) talent search, the two were quickly offered a deal with the recording label.

In 2011, after a chance situation landed them on a sold-out Scream Tour stage, TK-N-CASH did exactly what they do best and delivered a high energy, memorable show. How memorable, you ask? So memorable, no one wanted to forget, so they were officially added to the tour! Now it seems that an underground swelling has finally reached the surface with thousands of fans sending hundreds of thousands of tweets expressing how excited they were TK-N-CASH would soon be in a city near them.

This journey is nowhere near finished. Aside from working on their highly anticipated debut album, Cash is looking at several business ventures and TK, just got his first major song writing credit for the new Trey Songz single “What I Be On” featuring Fabolous. Sharing his thoughts on the single, TK says, “it’s an amazing feeling to have an artist record your lyrics, this is only the beginning!”