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Tiuliga discovered his passion for music, while he was listening to the sound in the clubs, on festivals or an on DJ Gigs. It didn’t take a long time until he started mixing songs. Some years passed until he got his chance to move people. Nowadays music is on of the most important things in his life and he cannot imagine living without music anymore. His motto is “music is passion. Either live for the music or forget it”. These words point up the importance of music in Tiuliga´s life.

About his style:

The waves of trance

One side of Tiuliga´s passion for music is to get the crowd into one big wave of trance. This style is exactly the condition of trance, being someway between fully awaken and sleeping. One of the best conditions you can reach. “Trance is a drug! A legal drug without any side effect” says Tiuliga. “It’s just trance. It’s flowing like a wave over the dance floor, catching up all party people down there. It can be chilly like shallow water, but it can also become a wild wave you can ride on”

The fire of house

Tiuliga’s other side in music is just burning house. Filling the dance floor and making people sweat, rising them up, cooling them down, playing with the crowd. That is what makes Tiuliga crazy in doing house. Here is one expression of Tiuliga concerning house music, “House is the style I like to play in small stylish clubs. I try to rise the temperature in those locations only by the power of my music. People have to fill the dance floor with their sweat. You can feel house music in such a club without hearing it. That’s incredible. Taste it. You may get addicted on this feeling.”