Titus Beatport


Roberto Goldenberg a.k.a. Dj TiTuS was born in 1982 in Via del Mar, Chile, and his interest in electronic music grew listening to Deep Dish and Satoshi Tomiie. His style goes from Electro to Progressive, passing through Dance and Tribal, a versatility that makes him capable to play in front of any crowd. In 2004 he went to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, to play in Club LUMPAX with Demian Muller, where he shared the booth with his mentor Cesar Bass Romero, winner of the 2003 Heineken Music Contest in Chile. Back in Chile he starts to play with the most recognized Djs in Via such as Dj Norambuena, Mixman, and Dj Marko, among others. In August 2005 he gets his first residency in Club CLUBER (recognized club in Via del Mar), taking his career to new horizons. Since 2006 he has participated in Streetmachine`s events being part of the Tour Movifest line up. He has shared booth with International Djs such as Randall Jones and Sandra Collins, and also Nationals as Aldo Foschino, Franko & Stephanie, and Dj Elektra, among others. Nowadays hes working in his Studio to launch his career as a producer. Without a doubt Dj TiTuS promises to be one of the most recognized Djs in his country, because everyone who has listened to his sets has discovered his sweet mixing and his innate talent.