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Paris, France


Boa, Dec Records, Emotive Dance Digital
Tito Beatport


Belgian born, brought up under the influence of his dad’s disco-funk soul collection, Tito started his career in 1996 when he was asked to spin his deep and funky tunes in a brand new dj bar.

The vibe picked up and a year later he was asked to become the artistic director for another new underground venue.

This gave him the opportunity to interact with other djs and expand on his ideas of a more united club scene. Thus, he started his collective, focused on evolving the interrelations between the artists and the crowd’s interaction as a community.

Five years ago, when he moved to Paris, Tito began performing after-hours in a small venue where most of the promoters were joining. There he was discovered and subsequently placed in lineups at some of the best Parisian after-hour clubs including Folie’s Pigalle (an old 19th c. theater) and L’enfer; two underground venues where anything and everything can happen…

Tito has been part of organizations such as Prohibition at Redlight and also Intimacy, a rotating party, held in unusual venues throughout Paris including the chic Maxim’s, owned by the designer Pierre Cardin.

Now, Tito honors his residencies and co-produces events, making him an integral component of the Paris music scene.

Tito’s music is eclectic from lounge to deep-house, funky-electro house to deep techno. It is always sexy and trippy with important placement of the bass lines.”When I play, I bring up grooves progressively getting the crowd at the same level of receptivity and uniting the dancefloor around the generated atmosphere…” often described as the authentic Paris sound.

A complete artist in many ways, with a unique sound that is recognized from the first track laid down, Tito is able to capture, unite and carry the crowd on his musical journey.