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Ten tears ago Timonkey climbed a massive redwood tree that towered above a renegade party in the Santa Cruz mountains. As the sun rose, he received the inspiration for what has been his mission ever since: to make the very best sunrise music ever. Delivering a proper morning set is a delicate art: the dancers need strong energy to keep going, but they are also craving something different by this point in the experience. Timonkey is one of the few DJ/Producers who specialize in the "something different" that can give a long night of rave and revelry the closing ritual it deserves.

During his ten years of experience as a DJ/Producer, Timonkey has shared the stage with the likes of Tipper, Vibesquad, Kraddy and Random Rab, as well as MutiMusic label mates ill Gates, Mimosa and Heyoka. All name-dropping aside, he has achieved the elusive goal of creating a signature sound: chopped vocals, analog keyboards and airy textures alongside massive bass and glitched-out beats. Beyond the technical elements, his tracks have an unmistakable vibe all their own: a dreamy, heartfelt quality that makes a delightful treat for party-goers who make it to the dawn.

Timonkey was weaned on vintage analog synths, raised on acoustic piano and electric guitar, trained in classical music and jazz, and tested by fire on stage and in the field. He has honed his studio skills as a composer, digital and analog recording engineer, and as a producer. It all comes together in his latest creation, "Future Perfect,"  available as a CD and download Now!