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Living in Belgium since 2002, it hasn’t taken long for Timofey to make a name for himself in this flat country. A native of Russia, Timofey, at 27 years old, has become a local favourite in the Belgian clubbing scene, thanks to his personality, his extensive music production training and experience, and his DJ skills. 2006 saw Timofey release his album BREATHING, where the quality is found in the blend of various music styles such as Funk, Trip-hop, Jazz and Ambient. Following its release, he performed several ECHOES shows in close collaboration with the French band Woodish. Currently, Timofey spends a lot of time clubbing. He regularly mixes his electro house set live at Brussels. Apart from mixing, Timofey also remixes for other artists, composes and produces his own tracks, and has collaborated with well-known DJ’s such as Kylian Mash, Dave Lambert, Elektrokid, Dave McCullen, etc.